15 Illustrations That Describe Motherhood Perfectly

July 15, 2019

Being a mom is one of the greatest privileges in the world. Mothers are given an incredible responsibility to nurture, love, and provide for their children. But that doesn’t mean it’s all flowers and unicorns.  Motherhood. Is. Hard. It can be filled with lots of tears, lots of exhaustion, and lots and lots of poop. We recently discovered Helene The Illustrator, a UK based artist and mom who has done a series of illustrations that bring hilarity to moments in motherhood that so many moms can relate to. We’ve put 15 of our favorites together and want to share them with you for your laughter and enjoyment. You aren’t alone in the craziness.

1. That moment when you realize you’re in charge of taking care of another human being.

2. We’ve all been here.

3. Motherhood changes you. Everywhere.

4. Ah, the good old “sniff check”.

5. Find a mom you can do this with.

6. It’s never simple anymore.

7. Welcome to the club. You’ll find arm strength you never knew you had.

8. The gentle art of multi-tasking.

9. Just say sorry and move on. It’s important to remember you’re on the same team.

10. The days are long. The years are short. Don’t blink.

11. But what if…

12. Take the nap instead of doing laundry. It’s okay.

13. #relatable

14. Sometimes this is easier said than done.

15. In the end, it’s worth it. It’s exhausting. It’s daunting. But it’s beautiful.



*For more from Helene The Illustrator, go to her site or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.




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