Arrow Birth: Childbirth Education Reinvented for the Modern Family

August 9, 2019

We are excited to announce Arrow Birth as our newest Guild Affiliate. Arrow Birth is childbirth education reinvented and revolutionized as you have access to reputable professionals who teach modules pertaining to their perspective fields. This educational and consulting experience is the first of it’s kind and an incredible resource for families wondering how to prepare for pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.


Arrow Birth is a female-owned, Loudoun based company founded and created by local birth professionals Mari Stutzman Smith and Tara Campbell Lussier.  “We built what we wished existed when we became parents ourselves,” Tara says. You no longer have to fit childbirth education classes into your already busy schedule.  You no longer have to worry about receiving quality, up-to-date, unbiased information. You essentially have professionals in your pocket.

“Arrow built the world’s first birth and parenting platform where modern families can obtain impactful childbirth education and on-demand tailored support, right when they need it. Arrow Birth empowers families along their transition to parenthood through access to modern education and highly-tailored support while investing in making birth safer worldwide.”

Photo credit: Cheryl Hannah-Truscott

“Arrow’s Improve Birth Campaign™ funds global projects and non-profits that work towards eliminating the preventable maternal and infant mortality rate and improving the health of mothers + babies in the childbearing years. To accomplish our vision we’ve invested in an organization that aligns with our beliefs. Midwives for Haiti believes no mother or baby should die during pregnancy or childbirth; we applaud their efforts while sharing their belief.  Currently, Haiti is the most dangerous place in the western hemisphere to give birth – but together, we’re changing that.”

This is the childbirth education you have been looking for.

“Discover is different. It’s available 24/7, expertly prepares you for every kind of birth, and your instructors are 35+ leading professionals in the field. So instead of rushing off to birth class, grab a mug of pregnancy tea and settle in – ’cause Discover was made just for you.”

Learn more about Arrow Birth on their site: and follow them along on Facebook and Instagram.

*Our clients receive $100 off the Discover Birth Education Course

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