Health Coach and Interior Designer in Loudoun County, Virginia Offers Holistic Care and Lifestyle Change to Women

September 17, 2019

Since beginning our affiliation with other local professionals and businesses in the community, we have met some incredible and inspiring people. Elizabeth Dyer, a holistic health coach and interior designer in Loudoun County, is one of those people we are honored to introduce to you. The kind heart behind her gifts and skill is matched with her evident passion and care for others. She has told us her story and we think it’s a good one. Grab a coffee or your favorite cozy drink and get to know Elizabeth:

“My name is Elizabeth Dyer and I am a newlywed living in Loudoun County, VA. My husband and I renovate and design our 1904 bungalow in our spare time. If our house isn’t taking over our to-do list, I love to garden, make botanical art, take walks in nature and through town, and share meals with friends.

Back to the Beginning

I have always been interested in health, but the context has continually changed. I grew up as a competitive swimmer and runner, where nutrition for staying quick and powerful was of utmost importance to me. I completed my freshman year as a pre-pharmacy major but quickly decided that my heart wasn’t into dishing out drugs behind a counter yet I still remained interested in healthcare by taking healthcare-specific economic classes that supplemented my dual marketing and economics major.

I got off track with my personal health when I hung up my goggles and spikes. My whole life I had been told by doctors that I was extremely healthy because I was thin and exercised a lot, but suddenly I was unable to run away from the digestive issues, allergies, and chronic sinus infections that plagued me my whole life. My true journey to an informed life in health started there.

Since then I have self-healed chronic infections, digestive issues, environmental allergies, ovarian cysts, and adrenal fatigue, leading me into my passion for solving infertility and balancing hormones through holistic measures.

I have also experienced a paramount personal loss to cancer, fueling my desire to educate others on the power of tuning in to our bodies through natural and self-healing.

Today and Tomorrow

Now, I am a holistic health coach and interior decorator.

I have helped others balance their hormones, ditch toxins, heal from skin disease, cut out processed foods, get their periods back, and more. I provide one-on-one health coaching sessions in which I specialize in helping women prepare their bodies for healthy pregnancies and labor, supercharge fertility, get their periods back, say goodbye to menstrual pain, and prepare their home for living a low-toxin lifestyle in a practical, true-to-personality environment.

I provide interior decorating services on top of one-one-one health coaching because I want my clients to know that marrying their taste with healthful choices is possible. I am passionate about creating an environment that helps my clients reach their specific functionality and aesthetic goals. They can feel relaxed knowing that quality materials, free from hormone-disrupting toxins, are utilized for the safety of them and their children.

Additionally, in the spirit of advocating for less environmental toxins, I offer non-toxic baby registry curation where I guide clients to the safest picks for their little one’s budding immune systems and personalities. This service is also a great gift for a newly pregnant loved one!

When the light turns on for people when they realize that they already have what it takes within them to heal I feel giddy for them. It is the beginning of a new life. Our bodies are amazing healing machines given proper love and attention.

I just love the ripple effect of positivity that happens in these changed people’s personal lives, families, and communities when their goals are finally realized!”

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