Massage Hope Offers Specialized and Prioritized Care to Expectant Moms Through Prenatal Massage in Loudoun County, Va

September 25, 2019

Pregnancy ushers in a time of major physical transition for women. The change that a woman’s body undergoes during pregnancy is immense. That’s why we believe there is no better time in one’s life to reap the benefits of massage therapy. From the first trimester of pregnancy to postpartum, massage therapy can do wonders for the aches and discomfort that come with motherhood.

We believe that if you can get prenatal massage, you should. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce to you our newest Guild Affiliate, Massage Hope in Leesburg, Virginia. This is a group of wonderful individuals who specialize and prioritize working with soon-to-be and postpartum mothers. Massage Hope won Best of Loudoun in 2019 and it is THE place to go to for prenatal massage in Leesburg and Loudoun County.

“We believe that through proper communication, therapeutic techniques, and a commitment to your well being, we can help forge a healthier you. Whether you’re stressed, handling an
acute or chronic issue, or simply need to help your tense muscles relax, Massage Hope is
here to offer you relief. We believe that through therapeutic massage we can improve your quality of life.

All of our Massage Therapists are highly skilled and qualified. They are all licensed through the Virginia Board of Nursing and specialize in Therapeutic Massage, Sports Massage & Prenatal Massage techniques. You can trust that you are in experienced, good and caring hands when you come to Massage Hope.

Massage is a powerful tool that helps you keep up with the demands of a rapidly changing body. Prenatal massage can help reduce lower back pain, encourage sleep, lessen edema, improve circulation, and relieve muscle tension and pain. Integrating massage into your prenatal care has been proven to help improve pregnancy outcomes and overall maternal



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*Guild clients receive a discount on prenatal massages.

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