Carriage House Pilates and Wellness in Winchester, Virginia Offers Strength to Pregnant and Postpartum Mothers and the Community

February 15, 2020

Today we are thrilled to share about our newest Guild Affiliate, Carriage House Pilates & Wellness. Their mission to bring strength and healing to their clients through Pilates exercise and specialized workshops is greatly needed and something we are excited to affiliate with for our pregnant and postpartum clients.

“The Carriage House is a full-service Pilates studio offering small-group/private sessions featuring reformer, tower, barre and TRX by nationally certified Pilates teachers. At the Carriage House, the Pilates method meets creativity, fluidity, and style. Pilates work provides safe and effective exercise for everybody, strengthening the spine and deep intrinsic core muscles while promoting joint stability and ease of movement.

For women, a pregnancy/postpartum-specific Pilates class is a wonderful way to stay strong throughout pregnancy, prepare for childbirth and to reconnect with the pelvic floor/core muscles following birth. Pilates is unique in providing flexibility but also stability and strength which is especially beneficial for women during pregnancy and the year following when pregnancy hormone levels are fluctuating and ligaments/soft tissues are prone to overstretching.

Our studio currently offers Stability-Focused Pilates which could be a great option during the postpartum period to stabilize hypermobile joints in the pelvis/throughout the body.

We are also offering a pelvic floor specific workshop for women at every stage of life. This workshop will educate women about the pelvic floor as a key part of the core and also give practical tips for engaging and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. This workshop would also be beneficial to women who may have hypertonic pelvic floor muscles.

Our goal is to be a resource for the community in providing a form of exercise that promotes balance, control, precision, breath-support, mindfulness and ease of movement for every stage of life, as Joseph Pilates envisioned.”

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Guild clients receive their first class free or half-off first private session.

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