COVID-19 Fundraising for Greater DC Diaper Bank

April 14, 2020

As the effects of COVID-19 have been felt around the world, our area of the DMV and beyond has not been immune. Families have been left in great need as they are unable to stock up on personal hygiene items such as toilet paper, diapers, and feminine care products.

Our mission is support in motherhood during the life-changing stages of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum and we want to step up for the families in our communities in a practical way. The needs are immense when we are not dealing with a pandemic, and now amidst everything going on, the needs have been amplified.

We resonate greatly with the mission of The Greater DC Diaper Bank (GDCDB), and we too want to be “Here For All Families”. Their current campaign has reached its goal but the needs will continue to remain and your donation is a practical way to give during this time.


Please head to our donation page here:

Read below about how they are meeting needs in our community:

Image courtesy of @dcdiaperbank

“Greater DC Diaper Bank (GDCDB) empowers families and individuals in need throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia by providing an adequate and reliable source for basic baby needs and personal hygiene products through 45+ social service organizations that are already helping those in need through comprehensive programs and services. Founded in October, 2010 we are excited to celebrate our 10-year birthday this year! Each year we serve over 10,000 families and over 11,000 babies in DC, MD and VA and distribute over 2 million diapers and over half a million dollars worth of baby gear, formula, period products and other essentials to economically vulnerable families.

Image courtesy of @dcdiaperbank

Although our reality at GDCDB changes, hour by hour, we remain committed to supporting vulnerable families with critical resources, now more than ever. We are seeing a significant increase in diaper need around the region and our inventory is low – we’ve got empty shelves in the Warehouse for the first time in years – because we got over 500,000 diapers out in the community in the last 10 days so families can get support now.

We’ve created Diaper Need Hubs in partnership with other basic need providers to set up across the region where families can get food and diapers at one location. We currently have six that are fully operating and three more coming online within the next week.

Consider making a donation which will leverage critical products including diapers, cans of formula and other essential products. We just launched a campaign to raise $250,000 in small donations — Join our army of doers and donors! Help us reach our goal of securing 1,500,000 diapers in the next month to meet the growing needs of thousands of families in our region.

Your contribution will allow us to stand with families and show up wherever there is a need. You can TEXT “GDCDB” to 44-321 to donate right now or visit the site here.

Help get the word out about who we are and our work. Do you know someone who needs to know about our work? Ask them to join you in donating.

We appreciate the continued support to babies and families from all of our new and seasoned donors as well as friends of the brand. We know our community will come together to take care of each other because that is what we do.”

Find our donation page here:

Written in collaboration with Greater DC Diaper Bank


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