Birth Doula Services

Pregnancy Support - You receive round the clock, on-call educational and emotional support from the point of hire via phone, text, and email. 
Prenatal - We get to know each other better. We discuss the goals for your labor and birth. We talk about your plan, discuss your preferences in detail, and go over other pertinent information to the birth. 
Labor Support - You receive in-person support when you want it which includes comfort measures, labor positioning, partner support, and immediate post-birth breastfeeding or bottle-feeding assistance.
Postpartum - We talk about recovery, the birth, and any questions or concerns you may have. We support you five weeks postpartum via visits, calls, and texts. 

the elements of our support

As your birth doula, we come alongside you, offering physical, emotional, and educational support during your journey to parenthood. We give unbiased, and non-judgmental support as you make choices that are best for you and your family. 

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Are you a partner, friend, or parent who wants to give birth support to a loved one? This hands-on course gives you the practice, tools, and resources for you to confidently and effectively support a woman in labor.


what you can expect

- You will learn various support techniques such as labor positions and comfort measures and when to best use them throughout the stages of labor
- Course content is curated for and accommodates birth goals. 
- Includes a set of flashcards with laboring positions for easy access and remembering.
- Pricing starts at $150 per couple.

Let's Do it!

Want to know more?

 Want to talk about what our support can look like for you or interested in consulting with one of our local doulas? Let's talk! 

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